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Crypto mining. Earn on mining contracts

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With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the difficulty of mining has also increased. Currently, in order for a venture to be profitable, you must invest in hardware (which is not the most economic option) and you need to get used to noise, heat and massive electricity bills. Even if you have a large capital there are a lot of issues related to renting a proper space for the business (assuming that you do not want to maintain the computing hardware in your own garage), negotiating electricity bills and going through the acquisition process of the top-quality infrastructure.

All those issues of course do not prohibit you from the cryptocurrency mining, however if you would like to avoid such problems cloud mining might be a perfect remedy.


Omega Group meets such expectations and provides an answer, enabling you to earn money on mining without the necessity of maintaining infrastructure. It is possible thanks to the Mining Contract package, which generates profits from participation in the hash rate of miners of the cryptocurrency mine belonging to the Omega Group.

A dynamically operating cryptocurrency mine in Ukraine consists of 200 miners equipped with graphics cards (GPU), working in a data center with an area of over 500 square meters. The hardware was selected and configured by experienced technical experts to guarantee the best results, achieving the highest performance.


Let us explain what "cloud mining" is. Basically the concept is an investment in the computing power - the so-called hash rate, which uses it to solve a cryptographic problem, for which it is rewarded in a specific way. Omega owns the mining hardware which is utilized. It is managed by a team of experienced technicians, which works proactively to maximise the output and increase reliability. By signing a Mining Contract you purchase a package of shared profits generated by Omega’s mining hardware.


The mining is GPU-based and the output is mainly based on Ethereum. You don't need any technical knowledge as the entire operation is run by Omega's in-house tech team. By purchasing a Mining Contract you rent a certain amount of hash power generated by the mining machines. Mining earnings are added to your wallet in Ethereum (ETH) on a daily basis and funds from your mining wallet are transferred to your wallet at the end of each week. Each contract runs for 36 months and begins 30 days after the contract purchase. The start date is related to a set of professional services which have to occur before moving to the production stage.

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