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"Project of the future". Omega Executives for Forbes

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They are developing rapidly and are gaining new supporters - the Omega project, fintech combining innovations of the financial world with modern IT solutions using the most effective marketing methods. The project executives are at the stage of launching an investment company that will invest capital in highly profitable ventures around the world. Omega is to be the engine of change. It is a project of the future.

Question: What is Omega?

Bartosz Nafalski: Omega is a platform that brings together international user community from almost all continents. It offers project participants the opportunity to participate in projects related to advertising, market research, sales and product testing. In exchange, users receive profits and bonuses, and business customers from around the world, thanks to the platform, have access to a huge number of respondents, consumers and recipients of advertising.

Bartosz Nafalski (Omega Dubai Conference 2019)

Question: There are many MLM (multi-level marketing) structures on the market that offer products and services. How is Omega different from them?

Bartosz Nafalski: Most MLM structures that exist on the markets, including Poland’s markets, sell FMCG products. I mean brands like Amway, Oriflame and Avon. There also are entities offering services such as training or advertising packages. While MLM products offer real sales of products, sharing profits with structure participants, in MLM based on virtual products we often deal with business fiction. Why? These are entities where within structures there is no real company, real product, no value generated or sold. Structures of this type often work according to the scheme of Ponzi, paying the profits for previous users using contributions gained from those users who joined later, until the structure collapses, losing funds invested by the majority of users. Omega was created in a completely opposite way. For the first time in the world, a large, international business structure has used the MLM sales model for construction, in a very short time, a powerful international community that is used to implement large business projects.

Question: Do you think that the MLM systems described above break the law?

Lukas Bozek: The activities of companies that offer virtual products in the MLM system are usually very unclear from a legal point of view, and some of them clearly break the law. How? Among other things, it offers its users the sharing of profit, that is investment activity. An investment fund license is required for this type of activity. In Poland, this type of activity is punishable by imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine of up to 10 million Polish zlotys. This penalty threatens not only the owners of the system, but also those who promote such entities. Omega works in a completely different way and in accordance with all applicable legal regulations.

Lukas Bozek (Omega Dubai Conference 2019)

Bartosz Nafalski: It is worth noting that unlike fictitious MLM systems registered for off-shore companies, in such exotic places as Saint Kitts and Nevis, the Omega Group has a large, legally operating business structure, and its entities are registered in the United Emirates, UK, Malta and Hong Kong. In addition, the Expedite Consulting Group is the business facilities. The international structure of Expedite is almost 40 companies. It has been operating for 20 years and employs only 1,000 employees on the Polish market. The Expedite Group has created two IT companies for its needs in Poland and Great Britain. They deal with programming services for their own needs and needs of the group's clients.

Question: Where did the idea for the Omega platform and its development come from?

Bartosz Nafalski: I have been active in the business world for 25 years. Since always I've consulted major projects and investor services. I set up brokerage houses, introduced companies to the stock exchange, I also created development strategies for the largest European companies and global brands. In Poland, I am known for projects for Frugo, Black, Dr. Witt, MK Cafe and many more. These years of experience allowed me to use the potential of marketing tools in online projects, such as creating online sales on the global scale. However, I lacked advanced financial instruments and this is when I started cooperation with Lukasz Bozek.

Question: So, how did you meet and join forces?

Lukas Bozek: I spent most of my professional life in one of the largest banks, with a red and white logo, Santander. I was a dealer of financial markets. In addition, I obtained the MBA title in business project management. My professional life has always revolved around finance, banking and advanced financial instruments. For a long time, I have thought about creating something bigger, global. I met Bartosz Nafalski by helping him manage the currency exposure and currency risk in his consulting group. Together, we came to the conclusion that it is possible to combine the experience of financial markets, marketing and advanced IT technologies, using in addition of possibilities of cryptocurrencies. This is how the Omega project was born, one of the most modern and innovative fintechs in the world that has strong background of traditional business.

Question: In what way do you combine global markets with Poland's in the Omega project?

Bartosz Nafalski: The Omega project is addressed mainly to Asian markets, including Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. These markets on the one hand have enormous potential for growth and are rapidly opening up to the world, and on the other hand, are partly closed to traditional methods of obtaining information and online sales, I mean the solutions used by the giants, Google and Facebook. It gives us a big advantage over the competition, because we can carry out marketing research, application tests or conduct online sales in markets that are traditionally closed for companies from the United States and Europe.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the combination of financial and IT solutions with the use of cryptocurrencies gives us the opportunity to conduct international transfers and settlements and apply unique fintech solutions from the Chinese market to the global market.

Due to the fact that some people managing the Omega project have Polish citizenship and conduct other businesses in Poland, and at the same time Poland is considered a market unfriendly to cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship and low purchasing power and high political risk - the Board of Directors of the Omega decided to block access to platforms from the territory of Poland.

Question: So what are the plans for the Omega project?

Lukas Bozek: Our primary goal for the near future is to create the world's largest company that performs marketing research. We are also at the stage of launching an investment company that will be investing capital in highly profitable ventures around the world. What's more, we are working on the implementation of innovative payment solutions, our own cryptocurrency and the cryptocurrency market. We think globally and try to go far into the future with our plans. The world is changing very dynamically and we want Omega to be one of the driving forces of these changes.

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